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Make succes simple and making success simpler

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Make succes simple and making success simpler

How to break the cyle of being in debt, or once you've broken the cylce. Then start taking steps of paying back the amount already owed. You have to have full plan of attack to make and continue any progress. And one major importance is sticking to your plan of attack.

A very good strategy for this is, it the spread of your interest rates on you debts:
First strategy attack should be to pay off your highest-rate debt first.
Second strategy attack is to making the maximum monthly payment you can afford on that card.
Third strategy attack is to be paying the minimum required on the rest of your debt.

Also, remember once the interest buildup on that card goes down, you'll automatically start paying down principal faster. Repeat the process with the next highest rate card and so on.

If the rate spread among your loans isn't big, pay off your smallest debt instead. The results will feel rewarding, and knowing that your finally going somewhere. completely.

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