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Japan Market is worth taking a look at we think.  We would suggest starting with funds (rather it's tradition mutual fund or ETF that is up to you) while trying to target and break into this Japan market.  Note that Japanese stocks most regular appear in a lot of the most diversified international funds.  And one more interesting fact is that a majority of large-cap foreign funds keep just about one fifth of their assets in stocks from Japan. With those to factores in mind we though it was worth talking alittle more look into some funds targeting Japan. And your wanting a true diversified portfolio its probably worth checking in and seeing if you have any investments targeting Japanese stocks.

Well, if you do you don't it might be the right time to start researching a few and we would like to help you out and start you with alittle pre homework.  You have several options when looking to the Japanese stocks and Japan ETFs.  Starting with Matthews Japan (<a href="">MJFOX</a>) and  T. Rowe Price Japan (<a href="">PRJPX</a>), though they are not looking really bright as of right now. Another option is going the ETFs way of things while looking at iShares MCSI Japan Index (<a href="">EWJ</a>), which cost about half as much as those conventional near-picks and provides exposure to 85% of the Japanese market. These seem to play pretty heavy on these two Japan stocks <a href="">Toyota (TM)</a> and  <a href="">Sony (SNE)</a>, these two stocks could also be in some of your other foreign funds you own something you might want to look into.

While this one is so fresh, we really don't know what to think about it yet.  Though, with that said, maybe you could give it a good hard look and figure out for yourself.    WisdomTree Japan Total Dividend (<a href="">DXJ</a>) new ETF offering mid-cap to larg-cap Japanese stocks that are dividend pay outs instead of focusing on the actual market money matter.  No one will know how the divinded playing stocks will play out this year, but it's low cost and diversification we seem is well worth the look.

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