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Investment Research

Investment research is a must and it's becoming easier and cheaper these days. The Internet is a great tool and provides a great resource of many different types of research, information, and tools to help you research all types of your investments. With so many different types of services out there, we will try to guide an investor to obtain investment research, execution of trades, and quality information. Now with the great resources out there, all this can be done in a very timely manner and very cost-effective. While so many different providers will be free and others subscription based. We will show you which is best of both worlds.

Free investment research

Websites such as ours 'investing focus' and 'Yahoo Finance' provide quality information to focused investors with a great overview of free stock information, financial statements, key earnings ratios, and recent company news. Though, this information could be over beginners' heads to fully understand statements or terms such as PEI or other terms. For the beginner trader, this will tell them nothing and this kind of information cannot help you in your research before you completely understand the basics and the concepts to help you start investing with a focus!

There are many different aspects to look at before considering investing into anything. The actual decision making process of investing can be very complicated. Though, here at 'investing focus' we want to help break it down into simple ways to help you completely understand investing concepts to take you to the next level of investing. There are many different type of services out there today saying that they are best to show you how to start investing and how to start making money today. Please don't be fooled by some of those programs.

We strongly believe the more you education yourself about your investments you, as an investor, will become more confident, less stressful, and you will be relying less on others such as brokers/advisors. We hope that our resources will help guide you to this point of taking your investments to the next level.

Researching a stock

Investing your money on stocks is all about taking risks. But like all businesses, you can easily reduce risks by getting as much information as possible about the company, the competition and the industry. Itís the same way in the stock market. You should conduct a thorough research first in order to get a clear picture of the current market.

So where do you start? More often than not, people would invest on a companyís holdings because they heard something good about the stock. Donít get me wrong, tips are very good starting point but they should not serve as your primary reference when investing. What you should do, however, is that once youíve found some "juicy" and worthy tip on a stock, bring out your pen and paper, get a phonebook and start calling people up to either confirm and/or gather everything there is to know about the company and its investor information. At least this is how you would do it back in the good old days. These days, everything can easily be acquired through a click of a mouse. The internet is a huge information highway where you can access for free business news reports, data and stock analyses. This speeds up your investigation on a certain stock.

What should you look for? Because of the magnitude of information in the internet, itís easy to get lost in all the numbers. When researching a stock, you should first look for the annual report of the company. Basically the report tells how well or how poorly the company performed in the year that passed. Usually, youíll be able to find problems that the company had to face and the steps they decided to undertake in order to address their problems. Next is to look for SEC reports, such as quarterly reports, annual reports and proxy statements that publicly listed companies are compelled to submit. Management information is also important and could prove to be the key factor in a stockís downfall trend. Another great way to get information is by following the local or international news. With these, you would be able to determine current trends involving the stocksí earnings and be guided accordingly whether to invest or not.

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