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Currency ETF's
While the decline of the US dollar continues, the raise for a potential for currency moves. So we thought this was a good time to write about the currency affecting your stock portfolios. Here are some ideas and thoughts for the average investor, not to go run and open up an forex exchange account, while still having a little investment in currency.

3 Biggest Assests
So every one is telling you to save more money this year. Well, let's take a closer look into where or how to people keep making money. In what areas do people keep making money from?

Coin shortage could turn pennies to nickels
Who would have ever thought that those pennies saved up would be worth more in the long run. Well, with a potential shortage of coins in the United States could help out with this matter. Which means all those pennies in your piggy bank could be worth five times their current value soon, says an economist at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago.

Make succes simple and making success simpler
How to break the cyle of being in debt, or once you've broken the cylce. Then start taking steps of paying back the amount already owed. You have to have full plan of attack to make and continue any progress. And one major importance is sticking to your plan of attack.

Retirement procrastination
Here is what not to do, you should not be procrastinating in your investments toward your investments.

Make Mortages Your Friend
Smart investing with your mortgage.

You do the Math
You really have to think, research, and know your investment options before you go diving into something blindfolded. Here is an great investing illustration.

Reduce your heating bill this winter
Helpful hints of how to reduce your heating coast this winter. Money saving tips to help you get through this winter.

Master Limited Partnership (MLP)
Examplation of Master Limited Partnership(MLP), how they work, and why you should know about master limited partnerships.

Be Wise with your money starting now!
Teaching ways to save over $250,000 through your lifetime.

Level 3 Trying to Be Debt Free
Level 3 trying to get debt free

Buffet Quotes, Warren Buffet Quotes, investing quotes, business quotes
Buffet Quotes, Warren Buffet Quotes, investing quotes, business quotes

Stock Holdings of Berkshire Hathaway
Berkshire Hathaway holdings

Japanese Stocks
Looking at the Japanese stocks, and japan market. Noting that Japanese stocks most regular appear in a lot of the most diversified international funds. And one more interesting fact is that a majority of large-cap foreign funds keep just about one fifth of their assets in stocks from Japan.

Investing Goals
Write down why you invest in what you do. Or write down your Investin goals! That's right, writing down your investing goals, or what you want out of your investments, or why your investing in what you are doing currently will help.

Stock Options
The truth of a growing stock options.

ETF Corner
The lastest news on ETF's.

New Law against melting coins
Mint: Don't melt money Government threatens prison for violators; at current prices the metal value of the coins may exceed their face values.

GPS units for 2007
What will be next with all this tracking of the GPS for 2007.

The 10 Hottest-Selling Mutual Funds to be looking at this 2007
The 10 Hottest-Selling Mutual Funds to be looking at this 2007

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